Stevensville Montana

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Did you know Stevensville has its fair share of celebrities?
Huey Lewis lives on a ranch near Stevensville. Janine Benyus, the famous author, Russ Francis NFl Champ retired at Stevensville. It is rumoured that television personality Maria Bartiromo plans to buy a house here too.

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Somethings you did not know about Stevensville - It is the first permanent settlement in the state of Montana, that was settled by Jesuit Missionaries at the request of the Bitter Root Salish Indians. This was 48 years before Montana became the nation's 41st state. The Bitter Root Salish Indians leaned about Christianity via interactions with the Iroquois Indians between the years 1812 and 1820. The Jesuit Missionaries that worked with Indian tribes teaching them about agriculture, medicine, and religion.

In 1831, four young Salish men were sent to request a Jesuit Missionary to return with them to what is present day Stevensville. They went to the home and office of William Clark, who was in charge. While two indians died, the other two Salish men got an assurance from St. Louis Bishop Joseph Rosati that missionaries would be sent to the Bitter Root Valley when funds and missionaries were available in the future.

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