Stevensville Montana

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Our mission is to create websites which service small towns and communities. We learned that small communities have a dynamic need for representative websites. The needs of small towns are different from large cities and are well served by friendly, easy-to-navigate virtual towns. If you are interested in working on your particular town, please contact us.

People who live in small towns, and who are interested in visiting small towns, love these towns. So we attempt to make our website representative of each town's look and feel. We do this by providing colorful links to local businesses which look like the building where that business operates. Our websites become virtual towns on the web with Streets and Avenues where a browser can shop.

We also provide a few interactive services for our towns. We offer each community a dynamic calendar, a discussion forum, and a directory where local websites can be listed for free. Please visit us regularly and watch us grow. The leverage of our system brings more traffic to community websites.